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Targum 4 U specializes in a wide range of languages and believes in competitive pricing
Targum 4 U provides translation and editing services: from individual clients looking to translate a personal letter and through to large-scale projects for corporate clients
All translations are carried out by the best professional translators in Israel and abroad. We specialize in legal translations, technical translations, commercial and financial translations, marcom translations and document translations

Legal Translations


Website Translations


Technical Translations

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Contract and agreement translations, statements of claim and statements of defense, corporate constituent documents, court rulings and affidavits. Translations are carried out by skilled academic translators with a legal background, and if necessary – by attorneys. Notary approval is available upon request

  Internet website translations in all fields and languages, with an emphasis on text localization *, matching the translator to the particular area of the website. For these translations, we usually work with foreign translators to guarantee cultural relevance and suitability
  Technical translations are carried out by a pool of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled technical writers. Texts undergo a meticulous quality control process after translation. This area includes specifications, user manuals, military texts, standards and computer programs

Commercial – Financial


Document Translations


Marcom Translations

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This category includes such translations as: presentations, business plans, company profiles, commercial correspondence, financial statements, quotations, etc. Our translators are well versed in the unique professional jargon of this field

  By documents, we refer to personal documents, from personal letters, birth certificates, matriculation certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, academic summaries, police certificates, and of course, CVs

  Brochures, catalogs, signage, print advertisements, marketing presentations. These translations are carried out by dedicated translators with marcom experience. Our translators often help with product marketing efforts through feedback provided to clients in real time (and prior to publication)

Localization * = matching the text to the common tongue, culture and thinking of the target country

Targum 4 U guarantees you a fast response and courteous and professional service, with full confidentiality and always adhering to schedules

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